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Tel: 1-844-706-7383
Address: 3315 E Russell Rd, A4 #112
Las Vegas, NV, 89120, United States of America

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If you want a plain English explanation of what Spectre and Meltdown are, this thread is great.

It never hurts to update everything, but your Raspberry Pi is safe from the recent Intel exploits....

Critical flaws revealed to affect most Intel chips since 1995

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RT @Serchen: @sharktechnet, you've just been reviewed on Serchen by Manny -

RT @bascule: Better watch out: there's an integer overflow in Bitcoin's price where after $65,535 it wraps around back over to $0.

ADSL over wet string

Sharktech statement on the status of Rectified Networks

Sharktech statement regarding the status of Rectified Networks

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We are adding CN2 to our network! Launch date TBA.